Ruben Wind began his career in the leather industry over thirty years ago. At the age of nineteen Mr. Wind got his start by unloading and sorting raw hides as they arrived to the tannery. The following seven years he spent working in the costing and production area of various tanneries within Argentina before moving to the commercial side of the trade.  

In 1991, he uprooted to the United States and eventually became the Vice President of sales and marketing for a multinational import and export company. During that time he built a vast network of connections around the world in the shoe, leather goods and upholstery trade. These contacts and his expertise in the leather field allowed him to begin his own company. In early 2007, Ruben Wind founded leatherwind.

In twelve years leatherwind has seen tremendous growth, representing various tanneries worldwide. These tanneries are spread throughout three continents and provide leather to some of the biggest names in fashion, athletics and performance. Leatherwind gives its customers access to a variety of quality leathers, spanning from the finest Italian baby calf to the best suede produced in Asia to Argentinean Shell Cordovan.

Leatherwind provides first-class service while offering the most diverse and sophisticated leather the world has to offer.

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